Home: Pre-plans

So I’m in the process of booking/dating/finalizing/organizing the next year in travel plans. YAY! There’s some pretty ridiculously exciting trips in the next 12 months that cover all the basics: Sand, Adventure, Desert, New Cities, Snow, Oceans and People. I want to have everything (well, mostly) booked before I let my plans out of the bag but for dates there’s … More Home: Pre-plans

Gear: Sleeping Bags

For Christmas 2011, I was travelling in Te Anau, New Zealand with a close friend , and we both decided to buy each other just one present. So, a few days before Christmas, we drove into town and gave each other an hour or so to find something for the other person. I had already … More Gear: Sleeping Bags

Packing : Carry-on

I get really excited about travelling. Actually about anything. My Christmas countdown starts at 100 days, there’s 70 days left if you’re not like me. In July, when I asked my parents for a trip to the USA for my 21st, I started packing before I asked them. I have under a month to go, … More Packing : Carry-on