Planning : Flights

I’ve flown the Australia to America route a few times now, and I’ve learnt that there is a huge difference between the airlines – bigger than I ever thought.  I use Skyscanner to search for cheaper airlines/dates, since you can search by a whole month, or even year, and you can search by a whole country, … More Planning : Flights

Home: Pre-plans

So I’m in the process of booking/dating/finalizing/organizing the next year in travel plans. YAY! There’s some pretty ridiculously exciting trips in the next 12 months that cover all the basics: Sand, Adventure, Desert, New Cities, Snow, Oceans and People. I want to have everything (well, mostly) booked before I let my plans out of the bag but for dates there’s … More Home: Pre-plans

Gear: Sleeping Bags

For Christmas 2011, I was travelling in Te Anau, New Zealand with a close friend , and we both decided to buy each other just one present. So, a few days before Christmas, we drove into town and gave each other an hour or so to find something for the other person. I had already … More Gear: Sleeping Bags

Packing : Carry-on

I get really excited about travelling. Actually about anything. My Christmas countdown starts at 100 days, there’s 70 days left if you’re not like me. In July, when I asked my parents for a trip to the USA for my 21st, I started packing before I asked them. I have under a month to go, … More Packing : Carry-on

New Zealand : Guide to the Kiwi Road Trip Part V : Hiking

New Zealand is pretty famous for its Great Walks of which there are 9. We picked and chose according to what was local for us, Kepler Track Routeburn Track Abel Tasman Coast Track Tongariro Alpine Crossing/Tongariro Northern Circuit To be fair, we only did a small portion of Routeburn and I didn’t hike Tongariro because I … More New Zealand : Guide to the Kiwi Road Trip Part V : Hiking

Planning : Visas

Australian nationals/citizens seem to have it pretty easy when travelling through South East Asia. Most countries require no visa or a visa on arrival. I’ve never had any problems with visas before, but then again I’ve only been to New Zealand and the United States. Since I have no set travel plans, I really like … More Planning : Visas

Gear List

Sleep REI Dome Tent (Blue) Kathmandu Sleep Pad Sleeping Bag Wear Columbia 3-in-1 Black Dr. Denim Black jeans Rivers by Lee Jeans Use Laptop & Cable Kindle & Case HP Tablet Clean House Mattress, Sheets, Doona, Blankets, Pillows Lamp Heater Wicker basket Mirror Books