Planning : Flights

I’ve flown the Australia to America route a few times now, and I’ve learnt that there is a huge difference between the airlines – bigger than I ever thought.  I use Skyscanner to search for cheaper airlines/dates, since you can search by a whole month, or even year, and you can search by a whole country, … More Planning : Flights

Gear: Clothes

I’ve seen a few other posts and videos like these: A Couple Vegabonds, AaronsWWAdventures, Ailalalatino, that talk a fair bit about ‘sink laundry’. This is just the name for how most backpackers do laundry whilst travelling – by filling a sink, blocking the drain with half a tennis ball/flat piece of rubber, and washing with … More Gear: Clothes

Home : The j1 Visa

If you’re wanting to visit the USA as an Australian, you have a few options, just kidding, you actually don’t. If you’re going as a tourist (not working, and for under 90 days) apply online for a visa waiver (ESTA), it’s about $14. If you want to do anything else (work, study, be there for … More Home : The j1 Visa

Home : Plans

So I’ve decided to return to university and finish my second degree (in a double degree program). I’ve changed my mind so many times throughout my university career…you think I’m joking… I first enrolled in…a Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Arts…then I decided to do a Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Creative Writing…then I decided I hated … More Home : Plans

America : Update

So I received my new passport in the mail and it is pretty sweet. I’ve learnt a valuable lesson of never, ever, ever, putting a passport anywhere other than a waterproof lunchbox. Let’s hope I’ve learned that lesson anyway. I need to get a wiggle on and get myself a job, I’d like to (and I know, … More America : Update


Hi friends! I’m Lisha and I like the typical things; travelling, photography, not going to university classes… In November this year (just two months away!!) I’m off to the United States for a whole entire year – actually 13 months. I’m going to explore, and live in the snow, freeze my butt off and learn … More Hi!