USA : For a fortnight (July 2012)

Earlier this year I had almost two months of for break between the two semesters. In that time, I moved from a sharehouse to this dorm room…

About 4 days in, I realised I had another 3 weeks of holidays until the semester started back, so I thought I’d give my parents a ring. It went something like this..


Dad: Hello?

Lisha: Hi Dad, it’s me.

Dad: What do you want?

Lisha: I have two weeks left of holidays and I was thinking…Maybe, if you guys were keen, … and I know it’s a big favour to ask, but I thought I would ask just in case…and since I’m on holidays…

Dad: Spit it out.

Lisha: Can I please borrow $2000 from you and Mum to go to overseas, maybe the States?

Dad: I’ll think about it.

(the next day)

Dad: What day do you start university?

Lisha: the 27th…

(the next, next day)

Dad: I’m at the travel agent, I just booked you a flight to America for Monday, in three days, you can have it for your birthday. You fly back on the 27th.

Lisha: WHAT?!

And so I went to America.

I flew straight to Boston (25 hours of flying!!) and met up with a few old exchange students. I spent just under a week in Greenland, NH, Portsmouth, NHConcord, NH and Boston, MA before doing the following road trip:

I had a pretty spectacular time and that’s why I’m headed back to America next month. I want to see more moose, even though they intimidated me alot, I want to see snow. I want to see NYC. I want to see a baseball game and a football game. I want to see the Grand Canyon and go to Six Flags and eat a hot dog and cross the brooklyn bridge.


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