United Kingdom : Day 1 : Jetlag and Exploring

Surprise! I’m in London! It was an entirely last minute, not-planned, spur of the moment trip to visit my older sister and her beloved England. Literally, I gave her 2-3 days notice.

So now I’m in London, and I have frivolous plans to go to every country in Europe, but will probably eventuate to Britain, Scotland, Belgium and France.

I flew in with United, and after some cancelled, delayed, moved, and late flights through Washington D.C., I acquainted myself with a few of …whatever borough in London this is..’s pleasures. The first sprinkle of happiness came from a little deli/cafe and what is apparently completely normal – CHEESE with your soup.


ALL the houses here look largely similar, and each of these ‘houses’ are actually three apartments. Three very small apartments.



Tomorrow, I’m going to see Big Ben, Parliament Square, Downing St and the Changing of the Guards, among other things. It’s good to see my sister, she is after all, the only big sister I’ll ever have. It’s good to be around your own people sometimes, or even your people’s people, just to clear your head and find yourself again.

Even better when you can find and explore a whole new city, and a whole new country…

Here’s the next few days for me.


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