Planning: The Next Adventure

In 2011 I went to NZ.
In 2012 I went to NZ and USA.
In 2013 I’ve already been to the USA and the UK and it’s only April.

I think that’s pretty awesome.
Right now I’m planning my next trip for the end of the year. I thought I’d share the planning process.

Visas are the worst and hardest part of travelling. I learnt on my last trip to the States that the fine print is really important. I’m lucky that I’ve been traveled to three different visa situations – no visa required, visa waiver required, and full visa required. It’s best to get your visa as early as possible, but be sure to look at the date the visa commences, because for some, it’s the day the visa is granted.

Transport is the planning step that always leaves me frustrated. In New Zealand we ought a car, so things were easy. The United States has essentially no public transport, and domestic flights were far more expensive than here in Australia. I really like Standbyrelocs and Megabus for cheap options. For flights I’m loyal to Skyscanner, but it definitely pays to shop around. 

Tours haven’t drawn me in the same way they’ve captivated a lot of my friends, but this trip we’re doing two. I think it’s a real shame that there aren’t a whole lot of comparable companies to TopDeck and Contiki worldwide. I love that Contiki lets you ‘pay off’ tours though.

Packing and Gear gets me excited. I’m always packed weeks before my trip. I have to admit I fell for America’s consumerism and ridiculously captivating coupons. 20% off, buy two get one free and half price coupons/vouchers on already ridiculously cheap items just caught my eye. I traveled with WAY TOO MUCH. I’m back down to my 30L Backpack, but then there’s always the decision of whether or not to take my camping gear, making it necessary for me to pack 55L. 


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