Planning : Preparing to leave

A lot of people seem to get rid of most, if not all of their things – Zen Habits, A guy named Dave, Be more with less, Slacker Reform, Vagabondish, Tynan to name a few. You’ll also notice that most of these are guys, interesting fact.

I live in student accommodation, so I don’t have furniture. I’m really young, so I don’t have much ‘souvenirs and sentimental items’. I’m not really into clothes and shoes, so I don’t have a lot. But I do have a lot of stuff still.

I spent 2 months in New Zealand over December and January 2012. Both myself and a friend carried around 10kgs each in our backpacks, and though we lived out of a car, we had WAY too much.

I had too many clothes, too much makeup, too much ‘stuff’ I didn’t use once. Or I only used it so I didn’t feel guilty. I threw out a lot along the way. It was ridiculous.

I’m taking the same size pack on my long-term adventure travel shenanigans, 28L backpack. But WHAT I’m taking has changed. Because I own less.

Having a lot of stuff means you have more to worry about, you have more to get stolen, more to forget about, more wastes of money.

Honestly, I would say most people could argue I don’t have a lot of stuff. Everything I own easily fits into no space at all, but I want it to fit into no space. I can only wear one dress at a time, one pair of shoes, one hairtie. This doesn’t mean I want only 1 of everything, just that having 100 of everything is a little pointless.


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