North America : 2013 Travel Plans

Since I’ve been booking a whole bunch of travel plans I thought I’d share the details for the end of the year.

I’m flying from Sydney (Australia) to Nadi (Fiji) to Los Angeles (America) with Air Pacific. I’ve flown with them before and whilst it’s not the greatest airline, it’s the cheapest I’ve found (around $650 for that one-way leg).

I’ve got two days in California (either San Fransisco or Los Angeles), before I join a friend on this contiki trip for a week.

The tour finishes in Vegas, so we decided to fly in some other girls for a weekend in vegas. We’re staying at a few different hotels, like this one

I have a week of life yet to plan over Christmas but then I’m headed to Montreal and Quebec for a New Years Eve snow trip to Mont Tremblant.

And that, my friends, is the first month’s plans.


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