New Zealand : Guide to the Kiwi Road Trip Part III : The South of the South

If you haven’t, go back and read Part I and Part II.

Honestly, the south of the South Island wasn’t my favourite. For us, there wasn’t a WHOLE BUNCH for us to do, but we were also there in Summer.

From Oamaru we headed south along the coast to Moeraki Boulders, it’s amazing and I recommend it ridiculously. We camped at Hampton Beach Camping Ground (recommend) which had really lovely hosts who showed us to a spot we could view penguins and seals FOR FREE!! Unfortunately, this was one location we lost a lot of photographs in, REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS!!


 Dunedin is the birth place of Cadbury Chocolate. There’s a phenomenal chocolate tour where they give you all kinds of goodies for a $20 tour of the factory. It took around an hour, though it’ll take you two hours to get to the factory being that Dunedin is a fan of one-way roads. It’ll drive you insane. I have no photos from Dunedin except for this one…probably because I spent the whole time stuffing my face with chocolate.

The Otago Peninsula is a sweet spot if you’re into birds and getting lost on very narrow roads. There is almost no camping sites (legal or illegal), so book ahead. Lanarch Castle, New Zealand’s only castle, is on the peninsula and is a pretty good day activity.

A couple of people recommended we hit Stewart Island, but honestly, it was a little expensive to travel to. So we skipped that and headed to a really lovely beach called Monkey Island.

It’s pictured on the left, but it’s large enough that you can climb up it really easily. If you can make out the tiny blob centre photograph, it’s actually a friend doing laundry.

Photography tips for travel: 

We took a tablet and backed up photographs to this, HOWEVER, some of our photographs overwrote other photographs and we lost photos from places such as the World’s Steepest Street, Moeraki Boulders and some beautiful lakes and rapids. We even backed up the tablet to a USB drive. 

I can’t wait for someone to invent a better method.


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