Little Trip : Coast Track, NSW, Australia

The Coast Track is a 27km hike along the edge of the Royal National Park from Bundeena to Otford, or Otford to Bundeena. There’s no water available on the trail, though most people camp at North Era Beach, and there are quite a few holiday huts here. I’ve hiked this from Bundeena to Otford twice, once in 3 days (we stayed at a beach for two nights) and once in 9 hours total. It’s a pretty easy track, but you’ll get sick of hiking UP and down mountains continuously. Some of the trail is marked only by poles, and unfortunately, a lot of these are green and blend in with native trees.

I like to revisit hikes that are as beautiful as this one, and that also mean a lot to me. I’ve done this trip with three lovely ladies back in 2010, with a close friend, and bits and pieces with friends. It’s also a relatively easy track for first time hikers.


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