Home: This week

Today I’ve been 22 for six days, and each of those days I’ve gone to the beach, and taken a photograph (or twenty). I’m amazed at how much more I appreciate the warmth, and the beautiful beaches in Australia since being in the States.


This week I’ve been studying my butt off, catching up with good, and old friends and agonizing over a camera upgrade. I’ve had my current Canon DSLR (400D) since my I was 14 – 8 years later – I can finally upgrade. I’m picking between two models (because it’s what I can afford) – the Canon 6D and the Canon 5D Mark II. They are around the same price ($2000) and are pretty comparable (except a couple of minor differences like the 6D’s higher ISO and the 5D’s faster shutter speeds).

I know that Canon are releasing a few new models on the 22nd(23rd for Australians) – but from everything I’ve read, and some swanky people at various camera stores – it’s looking like a Canon 100D, a Canon 7D Mark II and another unknown (but most probably in the entry-level range). The Canon 7D was a contender for me, because of it’s super amazing price, but it’s cropped frame.



I’m pretty set on the 6D – but I’m going to wait for the Canon Press Conference on the 22nd.


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