Home: Mis-adventures

I’m a big fan of spontaneous trips, drives and explorations. Earlier this week, to comfort my exam-ridden sister, we explored Garie Beach, which I am proud to call a local beach.


Yesterday I was accompanied by a lovely friend to…DAPTO. No, seriously, for all of those not familiar with Dapto, NSW, it has a little reputation of being…well, terrible.

Despite this reputation, Dapto handed me some delicious treats in the shape of horses and really rusty cars. And horse poop.

IMG_1998 IMG_2013 IMG_2082

Whilst I await a better lens – my autofocus is completely broken on my canon 18-55, which is the standard/basic lens that comes with almost any Canon EOS.

This coming weekend I’m headed to the Central Coast – whose branding is ‘the fun starts here’ – so I’m expecting a lot.


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