Gear : Upgrading my DSLR Part II

So Canon released the 6D, which Snapsort rank as inferior to the older 7D. I’m looking to desperately upgrade from my 400D, and I was decided on the 60D. It’s a pretty good bang for your buck, I can pick one up at $850 body only, or $970 with the kit lens.

I’m an avid Canon fan, and I think this was based on my first camera being Canon. The only real arguments I’ve ever had against Nikon is that I’m familiar with the Canon system, the Nikon lens mount is smaller than Canon, meaning you can use Nikon lenses on Canon with an adaptor, but you can’t use Canon lenses on a Nikon camera.

That’s basically it.

There’s plenty of comparisons of the Canon 60D and Canon 7D with the Nikon D7000. The latter two are around the same price at $1500ish, with the 60D standing at around $900. That’s a lot cheaper. Another comparable lens could be the Nikon 5100.

I get the argument that Canon buyers should wait for the 6D release, since it should mean the 7D will drop in price…but, I want it now.

Snapsort’s Canon 6D vs. Canon 7D

Snapsort’s Canon 60D vs. Nikon D5100

DPReview 60D over D7000

I have new canon lenses, and older manual focus nikon lenses. I could sell the canon, or use the nikon on a canon.

Switching from Canon to Nikon doesn’t necessarily seem that enticing, but at the end of the day you seem to get a lot more for cheaper.

One of my biggest concerns is the release of the 6D, and upcoming expected release of a 7D Mark II or a 70D, or who knows since it’s Canon. I don’t want to spend a lot buying a body right now because of this, and additionally since I’m going travelling and I have the whole camera-getting-stolen-thing to worry about.


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