Gear : Canon EOS DLSR’s

I have had my current Canon DSLR for 7 years, it’s clearly time to upgrade. I was picking between a Canon 60D and a Canon 7D. The models are pretty similar excluding a weather seal, slightly less shutter delay, faster shutter speed, and more focus points. Actually, that’s kind of a lot.

Here’s a pretty helpful comparison –  SnapSport.

There’s about $400 between the two, the 7D being more expensive.

HOWEVER, like all Canon cameras, there are surprises coming. Rumoured for this month (September 2012), Canon will release the 70D and the 7D MKII. Read more here : Petapixel, CanonWatch, New F-Stoppers.

It’s rumoured for a date between the 18th and the 25th, so hopefully the 7D will get a huge chunk of mullah knocked of it.

Edit: Canon just announced their 6D, which won’t be out until the end of this year.

I know that whilst backpacking, people have concern for their valuable possessions – laptops, jewellery, cameras etc. That’s basically my reason for not taking a laptop backpacking. A camera though, a really expensive camera like the 7D, is a little concerning. It doesn’t fit in my bag, although I would happily give up other possessions to make it fit.

Melissa Rachel Black‘s minimalist packing video was one of the only chick minimalist packing videos that I’ve ever seen. I say chick, because, well, I’m a chick, and we carry different stuff to guys. BUT, she carries her dlsr separate to her backpack, and then uses the camera bag, camera included as her ‘day pack’. That way, she’s got her valuables on her, and can carry the necessary wallet, cash etc.


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