Gear : Deuter Backpacks

Backpacks are pretty contested these days, with most arguing the smaller the better.

I started out a few years ago with a BlackWolf Sierra 65+10L. It’s big, it’s green, and it had all the specifications I wanted.

– Hood/Brain/Helmet : for a pocket that’s incredibly accessible.

– Detachable day pack with hydration port : for day travelling when your staying somewhere

– Top loading AND front loading : for ease of use

– Heaps of outside adjustable straps : for carrying large/bulky/weird items

– Rain Cover : for when it rains

– Hip and sternum straps/belt : to share weight

It’s a HUGE backpack, one that I often left at home in exchange for the Caribee Cisco, at 28L and whatever extra bag I could find. I’m not too impressed by Caribee, since every backpack I have ever bought from them has ripped at the seams.

I’ve really wanted a Deuter backpack because they’re extremely reliable, and everyone I’ve spoken to who owns one, LOVES them.

Since I bought the BlackWolf before I had travelled much, I had a lot to learn.

First thing, size. I took around 30L on a backpacking trip to New Zealand. Actually, I took the Caribee Cisco I just mentioned.

Here’s me with mine packed and loaded with gear on Kepler Track, New Zealand. And a friend with his.

Since I’m leaving, rather than going and coming back, I wanted to invest in a really good quality backpack.

In a new pack, I wanted 20-30L, a hydration port, hip belt, Two main pockets or a separable main pocket, rain cover and a woman’s fit.

This was EXTREMELY hard to find in real life, I went to around 10 stores.

The bag I found is the Deuter Trans Alpine 28L Woman’s fit.

I’ll upload a video review after I’ve taken it a few places.


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