Australia : Absence

I’ve been pretty absent of late, pretty busy with classes and getting back into things here (if you didn’t know, I spent Nov – March in the States). I’ve got some awesome weekends coming up, but I’m particularly looking forward to these;

White Water Kayaking – I’m doing three courses – flatwater,movingwater and whitewater in April, and hopefully another in May if I can find a spare weekend. The three courses are around 25 hours, but I have been warned that I’m the only girl enrolled*.

PADI Open Water Scuba Diving – I’m taking the open water/introduction course to scuba diving on the Central Coast with a good friend, which should be awesome, and then a few friends are already considering taking the advanced course sometime in Winter or Spring. 

Survival/Remote First Aid – this is done in a weekend-camp-out style, and will give me my senior first aid certificate and a remote certificate, and is supposed to be all about building shelters, making fire from nothing, hunting and wilderness survival. I’m apparently the only girl enrolled in this too.*

* I’ve been dealing with a lot of ‘you’re a girl and you can’t do this’ slack lately, and whilst I understand that all girls face this, it’s particularly strong within outdoor sports/hobbies. I know a lot of girls who love the outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, climbing, etc, but I know a lot more boys who do. I’ve called a few places to enquire about workshops/clinics for particular sports/hobbies, and 9/10 times they are surprised I’m female. I never really noticed this as an issue before, but I’m definitely noticing it now. I went into Bunnings Hardware store the other day, and I went in with clear, accurate descriptions of what I wanted, but yet the sales assistants that I spoke to continuously asked me if I wanted to come back later with whoever was helping me build…

I’ve been lucky enough to have friends who have crazy skills in all kinds of awesome hobbies, that have offered to teach/help me with such and such, but they’re all guys. I haven’t been able to find very many girls who have knowledge, skills and are able to teach things like spear fishing or sea kayaking.

I want to learn, but it’s a little daunting when I’m taking classes /workshops /etc with 5 – 20 guys, and me. I either get slack when they are better than me, or they get pissy when I am better than them.


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