America : Update

So I received my new passport in the mail and it is pretty sweet. I’ve learnt a valuable lesson of never, ever, ever, putting a passport anywhere other than a waterproof lunchbox. Let’s hope I’ve learned that lesson anyway.

I need to get a wiggle on and get myself a job, I’d like to (and I know, I know, I’ve been talking about this for ages) get some new hobbies and meet some more people in this city (or large town rather). I’m supposed to be starting a new job next week, but I have to get it approved through my sponsor first.

I have had an incredibly…eventful, past few days, and I’d like to put that all behind me and make better decisions (like having some life direction), and not taking the fact that I’m in the States for granted.

It’s pretty challenging moving to another country, but I definitely could have had a better attitude about it all. So, this is me, having a better attitude, because this whole visa and being in the States means a lot to me right now. It’s meant a lot to me for a while and I’d really like to not have this all go belly up (again…).

I swear, I’m becoming a Taylor Swift song.





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