America : Things I didn’t consider

When I planned my travels in the States, I thought I had a plan for everything. Apparently not.


Driving in the States is basically like driving in Australia or New Zealand. Except your on the wrong side of the road, in the wrong side of the car. Give way signs are called yield signs here, and there are cautionary yellow blinking lights on some intersections that I still have no idea their meaning. But driving in a state which is currently experiencing -10 Celsius degree temperatures means there’s snow, and snow means there’s salt sprinkled on the roads. Cars rust at a fast rate, meaning a 2002 car is considered old in 2012. Alongside a car, there’s insurance, which is heavily impacted by a lack of national healthcare, making it really really expensive. Basically, despite petrol/gas costing $3.50 per gallon/$0.96 per litre, it’s pretty expensive to drive.

Public Transport

There is none. Except Megabus, which is phenomenal.

Holiday Time

Everyone I’ve been talking to generally has TWO WEEKS holidays per year. That’s it.

Filling in work-hours

I’m living with a friend and his parents, all three of whom work, since I don’t work, and I don’t have a car, there isn’t much opportunity for me to fill my day with fun and excitement. I can go travelling, but then I give up spending time with my friend. I know that sounds silly but that’s a huge part of why I came to the U.S. It didn’t occur to me before I came that him working meant I would be alone during the day. There isn’t a whole lot to do at home all day.


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