America : New York, New York

So, funny story, I washed my passport. Well, it would be funny if by washed I meant put my passport in a safe dry place instead of the washing machine.

I freaked, just a little, at the consequences of having both an invalid passport and therefore possibly an invalid visa. I googled what to do, and apparently, a lot of people have washed their passport. First things first, you’re supposed to call your closest embassy. Which is either in Washington, D.C or Montreal, Canada. The embassy advised me told me to go to my closest consulate, in Montreal, Canada. So, how am I supposed to cross a border without a passport?

Instead, I was advised to visit the Consulate-General in New York City, and pay the passport fee for a new passport. Sounds easy?
Here’s a list of all the costs that arose:

Bus to Boston from Concord, NH -$18
Bus to NYC from Boston, MA $15
My newly taken passport photos were of the wrong size and quality -$15.
New passport photos at the recommended place -$25
The consulate can’t process my new passport because my old one is too damaged, I need to go to the embassy in Washington, D.C.
Bus to Washington, D.C. -$25 (I make it just in time before they close)
Passport fee -$248
Expedited passport fee -$353
Shipping for passport -$20
Bus back to NYC -$35
Hotel from 10pm for the night -$105
Bus to Boston -$29
Bus to Concord -$18

Total cost of washed passport: $658.


One thought on “America : New York, New York

  1. Alisha !!! You will have to write a book about your American adventures when you return. You are so clever to get yourself out of the pickles you get into and survive. All this you did in the snow too – well done Granny

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