America : New England Snow Storm

So New England had a huge snow storm last week..


I had imagined snow storms would be a thunder storm with a lot of snow, but apparently, there’s no thunder, and a ridiculous, huge, freezing cold amount of snow.

IMG_0654  IMG_0660 IMG_0667 IMG_0674 IMG_0676 IMG_0680

As ridiculous as it sounds, snow is a lot colder than I ever expected. I was surprised the first time it snowed that I couldn’t feel my fingers, I was surprised that my eyes swelled up, like I was crying, just from the cold. It was unbelievable to me that -20 degrees Celsius was a real temperature.

There hasn’t been much snow since the storm (it’s been about 4 days), but we’re expecting more snow this weekend, and it’s apparently set to be another 6-8 inches.


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