America : my top tips

  • don’t expect public transport in many places outside the city it’s very difficult to get around and to get between places without driving. That said, if you are going between cities, there are many affordable buses (megabus is probably the cheapest). Don’t be afraid to choose a bus over the convenience and speed of a plane. I paid $15 to get from Boston to New York when the cheapest plane ticket would have cost $150.
  • moneys don’t expect taxis to take cards, carry quarters everywhere you go and don’t get the money wet
  • watch the conditions of your visa it’s better to know too much than not enough. Check everything is signed, don’t put anything in the washing machine, switch to a different ID over your passport as soon as possible.
  • count on travel delays in winter
  • don’t get sucked into American consumerism it’s really easy to buy something when you have two coupons that read “50% off” and “spend $20 get $10 off” and you can use them together.

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