America : Feb 4th : Airports and Customs

I woke up this morning at 230am in London at my sister and brother in laws unit. Magicaly, by 3am, I had missed my 330am bus and my brother in law graciously drove me to Hammersmith Bus Terminal, for a bus to Heathrow Airport. I managed to miss my bus stop getting off the bus and ended up at terminal 5 when I should have been at terminal 1. I power walked up and down the bus platforms searching for a bus to terminal 1, no luck. I headed down to the London underground tube station, though, unfortunately for me, tubes don’t run that early. I headed back up to the bus terminals, and after giving up, got a £20 Taxi to terminal 1.

I checked in on my flight to Washington Dullus Airport, but proceeded to walk in the opposite direction to the security gates. Security gates my bag went off for no apparent reason. I board my flight, thankfully with a window seat and no one next to me. Things were looking up. Unfortunately, some random passanger had gotten a butter knife onto the plane, shock and horror, we were delayed an hour. I was to have a 12 minute layover in Washington to go through customs, collect and recheck my bag and go through security. That just doesn’t work.

I was rechecked onto a flight via Cleveland, Ohio to Manchester, New Hampshire, but missed it because my visa required me to also go through immigration. I was transferred to a Boston flight, leaving in six hours.

Apparently, everyone at Washington thinks I’m some sort of sneaky person, because they decided to interview me at border security, at the passport check, and three times in an immigration interview room. But hey, at least it killed some of my six hour wait.

So I’m at Washington Dullus, bored out of my brain, tired as all, exhausted like I just ran a marathon and about to wait four more hours for a plane to Washington. Woo.


One thought on “America : Feb 4th : Airports and Customs

  1. My dear wandering granddaughter – you are to be congratulated for sorting out all the problems you encountered en route to America. You have very good problem solving skills!! Well done.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and lets hope it goes smoothly!! Granny

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