America : Consumerism

I packed 20 pounds for my year in America. I also thought the scale was in kilograms, so I ended up being able to keep my weight pretty low, but still add things in at the last minute.

I now have 2 bags that easily weigh 50 pounds each, and another that’s 20 pounds. I fell into the American consumer trap. However, at my own defense, it was partly due to the really cheap prices on, well, everything in the States when compared to Australia.

That and I had no winter gear.

I don’t think it’s that marketing is anymore opportunistic and manipulative, but that prices are low, everyone knows about them, and things are always on sale. When you can go to an outlet store and buy a decent shirt for under $10, sometimes as low as $2, you’re probably going to for that ‘rainy day’. It doesn’t seem to hurt that much.

But when you’re travelling and living out of a bag, every article of clothing is another item that gets in the way, takes up space, makes your bag heavier and is another piece of dirty clothing you have to hand wash.

I travelled to NZ for 2/3 months with 10kgs, and now for about a month I’m taking 22kgs, different circumstances, but hey, my bag is HEAVY.


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