Planning : Flights

I’ve flown the Australia to America route a few times now, and I’ve learnt that there is a huge difference between the airlines – bigger than I ever thought.  I use Skyscanner to search for cheaper airlines/dates, since you can search by a whole month, or even year, and you can search by a whole country, … More Planning : Flights

Home: This week

Today I’ve been 22 for six days, and each of those days I’ve gone to the beach, and taken a photograph (or twenty). I’m amazed at how much more I appreciate the warmth, and the beautiful beaches in Australia since being in the States. This week I’ve been studying my butt off, catching up with … More Home: This week

Home: Pre-plans

So I’m in the process of booking/dating/finalizing/organizing the next year in travel plans. YAY! There’s some pretty ridiculously exciting trips in the next 12 months that cover all the basics: Sand, Adventure, Desert, New Cities, Snow, Oceans and People. I want to have everything (well, mostly) booked before I let my plans out of the bag but for dates there’s … More Home: Pre-plans

Home: Mis-adventures

I’m a big fan of spontaneous trips, drives and explorations. Earlier this week, to comfort my exam-ridden sister, we explored Garie Beach, which I am proud to call a local beach. Yesterday I was accompanied by a lovely friend to…DAPTO. No, seriously, for all of those not familiar with Dapto, NSW, it has a little … More Home: Mis-adventures

Gear: Sleeping Bags

For Christmas 2011, I was travelling in Te Anau, New Zealand with a close friend , and we both decided to buy each other just one present. So, a few days before Christmas, we drove into town and gave each other an hour or so to find something for the other person. I had already … More Gear: Sleeping Bags

Gear: Clothes

I’ve seen a few other posts and videos like these: A Couple Vegabonds, AaronsWWAdventures, Ailalalatino, that talk a fair bit about ‘sink laundry’. This is just the name for how most backpackers do laundry whilst travelling – by filling a sink, blocking the drain with half a tennis ball/flat piece of rubber, and washing with … More Gear: Clothes

Australia : Absence

I’ve been pretty absent of late, pretty busy with classes and getting back into things here (if you didn’t know, I spent Nov – March in the States). I’ve got some awesome weekends coming up, but I’m particularly looking forward to these; White Water Kayaking – I’m doing three courses – flatwater,movingwater and whitewater in April, … More Australia : Absence

Home: Birthday

In celebration of my birthday I’ve decided to make two reunions (the word I used when I couldn’t remember resolutions all day today). 365 days of ocean So today myself and two of my sisters bundled into the car, jumped in the trashy trashy waves and ran back out. Why? Because it feels gooood. 365 … More Home: Birthday

Home: Classes

I’m taking five classes this semester. WOO! It’s a big change from looking at buildings and castles in London and shoveling the snow away in New Hampshire. Introduction to Italian – Language textbooks are RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. Oh Joy. Communication across Cultures – I swear I took this subject before, but the university thinks I haven’t. … More Home: Classes

Home : The j1 Visa

If you’re wanting to visit the USA as an Australian, you have a few options, just kidding, you actually don’t. If you’re going as a tourist (not working, and for under 90 days) apply online for a visa waiver (ESTA), it’s about $14. If you want to do anything else (work, study, be there for … More Home : The j1 Visa

New Zealand : Guide to the Kiwi Road Trip Part II

If you haven’t, here’s PART ONE Christchurch experienced a series of unfortunate earthquakes in 2011. Evidence is throughout the streets in broken walls, blocked off streets and cracks in houses. For tourists, this meant NO HOSTELS. For us, in November 2011, the search for the hostel was hopeless, although, I do recommend Jailhouse. Right near the city, … More New Zealand : Guide to the Kiwi Road Trip Part II

Home : Technology

Grabbed a new phone (one that actually work’s in Australia, and with Telstra – 4th time’s the charm) and a new (used) laptop today. Getting another awesome awesome awesome new piece of technology in the next few weeks. Started my swanky new classes this week- Genetics and Biotech is actually really interesting. Spent a special … More Home : Technology

Home : Plans

So I’ve decided to return to university and finish my second degree (in a double degree program). I’ve changed my mind so many times throughout my university career…you think I’m joking… I first enrolled in…a Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Arts…then I decided to do a Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Creative Writing…then I decided I hated … More Home : Plans

Home : Driving

I’ve spent the past few months driving in the left hand side of the car, on the left hand side of the road. Switching back hasn’t been too much of an issue. I keep turning on the windscreen wipers instead of the blinker/indicator. Today, whilst on the highway, I looked to my right at the … More Home : Driving

America : Update

So I received my new passport in the mail and it is pretty sweet. I’ve learnt a valuable lesson of never, ever, ever, putting a passport anywhere other than a waterproof lunchbox. Let’s hope I’ve learned that lesson anyway. I need to get a wiggle on and get myself a job, I’d like to (and I know, … More America : Update